This rules aim to regulate the internal operations of Austral Virtual and is directed to its members, staff and everyone who wish to join the same. We strongly recommend pilots to read this rules thoroughly in order o get to know the application and general procedures. The same is subject to change by the General Management at their own discretion.

1.1. To be over 16 years old.
1.2. To be registered at IVAO.
1.3. To have an active account at IVAO.
1.4. Not to have suspensions in the last 6 months.
1.5. The applicant must comply with the requirements and send an email to with the name, VID and cover letter to join AUv.
1.6. Human Resources will check if the member complies with the requirements and will execute the register previously approved by the airline HQ.
1.7. An email will be sent to the member confirming the approval or denial. If it is approved, the member will receive a callsign which will need to be used always as a callsign. This is unique and intransferrable.

2.1. Maintain the minimum activity of 8 monthly hours. HR will review the member's activity quarterly.
2.2. Comply with IVAO R&R and not receive any IVAO or AUv suspension. If you receive a suspension from IVAO, you will also receive it from the VA.
2.3. Have a honorous and adequate behaviour. Every pilot who does not comply with this requirement will be subject to a temporary or permanent ban.
2.4. Any other reason leading to the pilot's account deactivation.

3.1 The reason for a deactivation can be personal or misbhaviour. The procedure is as follows:
3.1.1. Due to personal reasons: You will need to send an email to indicating the deactivation request, including name, surname and VID. During the next 30 days, your rank will be "Deactivation in process". After 30 days from the receipt of your request email, your account will be fully removed.
3.1.2. Due to misbehaviour reasons: If you do not comply with the above requirements, HR could deactivate your account. Should the case is resolvable, you will receive an email to regulate the situation within 30 days. The account details will be stored for the necessary time. Depending on the anture of the same, the details will be stored for a specific time (e.g. time to wait for the next allowed signup date). HR will send this information to the pilot. No misbehaviour deactivation will be performed without previous authorisation from the VA's HQ.

4.1. The ranks are as follows: Applciant, First Officer Trainee, First Officer, Captain Trainee and Captain.
4.2. When the pilot reaches the necessary amount of hours for a promotion, an email will need to be sent to for the promotion execution.
4.3. For the first 3 promotions, the pilot will need to pass the practical IVAO exam PP or SPP or the internal VA exams. For the Captain Trainee rank, an interview with Operations and HQ will need to be passed.
4.4. Those members who obtain higher IVAO or real life ranks will need to contact the VA's HQ in order to get the highest ranks in the VA.

5.1. Every flight must be done with the corresponding pilot callsign.
5.2. In the item 18 (Other Information) of the flight plan(FPL) you will need to wirte the flight number followed by the operation mode. For example: RMK/AU2686 MODO REAL.
5.3. The operatoin modes are as follows:

  • Modo Real: Real fleet and routes performed by the real airline.
  • Modo Histórico: Fleet and routes performed by the airline in its history.
  • Modo Sky Team: Fleet and routes performed by the Sky Team Alliance.
  • Modo Fun: Free fleet and routes, except military aircrafts.

5.4. In case of events & tours (internal or divisional), free fleet and routes are authorised. Likewise, the HQ can authorise flights out of these cases.

5.5. The operations must be performed as real as it gets.

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